Our Mission

More Efficiency,
More Financial Inclusion

By using a simple and open source blockchain technology, the financial inclusion will be true. Underbanked will get the benefit of Nollya technology to level the game and use a transparent and efficient system without middlemen. Selling and buying will be easier than never without currency controls.

Transactions Increase

One Coin For all

Inmutable Contracts

Wallet Download

It refers to an electronic device that allows to make transactions online with a computer or a gadget


Mac OS X





Using Nollya Coin

Underbanked can use Nollya Coin in several online stores and also in a growing number of physical stores.

Social lending is allowed, no more credit checks or being rejected for not having a job, financial inclusion is for all.

It can be used to pay services like rent or also for paying service bills like gas or electricity.

Where to use Nollya Coin?