Smart E-Commerce
for the underbanked in Latin America

Nollya Coin is the fuel of smart e-commerce to allow the financial inclusion of the underbanked.
Nollya token price is set by the community in decentralized exchanges.
It is used in Nollya Shops projects to providng tasks like product feeds, advertising, colsulting.

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Why Nollya?

Gasless Transactions

You can use a lot of wallets to allow zero costs for transactions. It allows to send tokens without extra cost.


Mac OS X





Why Nollya Coin is a community loved coin?

Usually local currencies in underdeveloped countries are being devaluated at a high rate, so it impossible to save or to pay for foregn services. Your cost for each dollar you pay is always higher and also underbanked don't have access to international credit cards. Nollya helps to provide a form of payment to vendors of products and services and connect them with local vendors to provide liquidity in local currencies.

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Latest News

Nollya Coin usage to reach 100.000 wallets in December 2019

It is expected Nollya Coin usage according to our projections to have around 100,000 active wallets by december 2019. During the airdrop in April 2019 there was a massive wallet usage, also when building the pre-ico project there was a…

Nollya Coin added to Trust Wallet

Trust Wallet, the mobile wallet by Binance have added support for Nollya Coin, now it is easy to find the coin under the search page. You can find your ethereum address to send and receive Nollya Coins when clicking on…

Beta testers needed

We have opened beta testers positions worldwide. You can apply from Nollya Jobs section.